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How to Use Antique Furniture  in Today's Modern Interiors

How to Use Antique Furniture in Today's Modern Interiors

If you think about it, a piece of antique furniture is really a work of art - designed and hand crafted by skilled tradesmen using the best materials available to them at the time.

Treated as a work of art any antique piece will stand out and make a profound design statement in just about any interior. Think of a modern light filled, voluminous room accented with a rich mahogany chest with intricate carvings, marquetry  and inlay. It could easily become the focal point - the eye is instantly drawn towards the piece - wanting to more closely examine all of the intricacies of the piece. 

Once you find success with the first antique piece, you may want to venture forward and try another & perhaps another. As long as the pieces enhance the value of your design there is incentive to keep going. However, once the room starts to look like one your grandmother lived in you should probably stop . . . 

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