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Why Choose Us

  • Work of Man is run by the same hardworking team that has been serving the interior design community for over 25 years with our 20th Century Lighting brand of vintage and antique lighting recreations.
  • You can trust us to do our best and to do what is right. We seldom make mistakes, but when we do, we make things right.
  • We know antiques : We don’t claim to know everything - still learning new things every day - but that daily accumulation of knowledge turns a mole hill into a mountain in very short order.
  • We have one of the largest inventories of quality antique furniture, lighting and artwork in Los Angeles - all located in our 10,000 sf showroom / warehouse / workshop facility in Mid-town LA 
  • Super convenient Los Angeles location - In mid-town, right off the I-10 Santa Monica Freeway between the Fairfax & La Brea exits.
  • Our website is designed to save our customers time and energy searching for specific items. The Work of Man website contains roughly 80% of our total inventory - all categorized, photographed, dimensioned to allow you to in quickly browse through a vast inventory. Looking for a French Empire chest of drawers, circa 1810? Our search parameters and filters will allow you to sift through our website inventory of over 3,000 items to find just those pieces that match your criteria - in seconds . . .
  • We offer in-house restoration services. If you find a piece in our inventory that you need worked on to fit your use, we can do it for you before you deliver or ship the item. You no longer have to line up a restorer or upholsterer - we’ll do it for you. And if you already have a piece that needs work, we can take care of that as well.