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AA9-007: Handmade Spanish Terracotta Roof Tiles From 1920's Beverly Hills Spanish Colonial Revival House


Plus shipping cost-invoiced separately


These all came off a 1920's Beverly Hills Spanish Mansion 4 years ago. Approximately 3,000 tiles are available. Most of these are the original hand made tiles where the maker formed the clay over their upper thigh. The handmade ones all have the finger marks. These are all hard fired.Because most are handmade they vary in size. The photos with the dimensions give an idea of the average size.  The best way to lay these to get the maximum coverage is to purchase new tiles for the under or pan tiles because they are not seen. Then use the handmade tiles as the top tiles to give the antique Spanish clay tile look. These are available for pick-up in Los Angeles only - located near the 10 Freeway & LaBrea. We can hook you up with a roofer  who knows how to lay these to create a beautiful antique effect - I can also give you addresses of buildings he has done with these very same tiles. We are selling the antique hand made tiles for $5.00 each and the newer machine made ones (to be used for the bottom tiles that don't show) for $2.50 each. Minimum purchase of $500 for any combination of the handmade & machine made tiles. Substantial discount for purchasing all . . .