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AW008 - Anton Mikhailovich Juravel - Oil on Board


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Artist: Anton Mikhailovich Juravel

Age: 1950 - Present

Medium: Oil on Board

Unframed Dimensions: 10" x 5"

Overall Dimensions:


TITLE:  Way in the Wood



FRAME: 1 ¾” contemporary gilt wood frame w/ matt

COMMENTS: Anton Mikhailovich Juravel, Ternopol, Ukraine. Very professionally painted landscape in natural earth tones w/ thick impasto brushstrokes. Juravel was born in 1934 in the  Ukrainian city of Ternopol. He graduated from the All-Union famous Moscow Stroganov Art College in 1956 and is member of the Union of Artists of the Ukraine. Since that time he has worked in his native town of Ternopol. He is well known as a  master of plein air painting.  Juravel’s original works of art are housed in many private collections throughout Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, United States, England, Canada, Japan.  This painting dates to 1969.