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AW027 - Hazel Finck - Oil on Canvas


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Artist: Hazel Finck

Age: 1900 - 1950

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Unframed Dimensions: 25" x 30"

Overall Dimensions:


TITLE: Barn, Killingsworth

COMMENTS: A wonderful painting by renowned modern American artist, Hazel Finck (1894 - 1977) titled Barn, Killingsworth.  The painting bears a signature and also an exhibition label.

     Finck was born in New Haven, Connecticut.  She studied with Guy Wiggins and a Russian born artist who was active in Mountainside, New Jersey named Sigismund Ivanowski, .  Finck lived in Westfield, New Jersey.

     She was a member of  the Newark Art Club and exhibited there as well as at the Irvington Art and Museum Association, Plainfield Art Association, New Jersey Gallery of Art , the Westfield Art Association and until 1951 she exhibited regularly at the National Association of Women Artists .  She was also  a member of the American Artists Professional League and the Art Student League of New York.

     Her works were included  in exhibitions at the 1939 World's Fair,  the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, the National Arts Club among others. Finck taught at the State Teachers College in DeKalb, Illinois and examples of her work are included in their collection.