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AW118 - Joshua Meador - Snowy Landscape Oil on Canvas


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Artist: Joshua Meador

Age: 1950 - Present

Medium: Oil on Board

Unframed Dimensions:

Overall Dimensions:


TITLE: Snowy Landscape 


COMMENTS: Joshua Meador was born in Greenwood, Mississippi and graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago.  In 1935 he moved to California where until the 1960s he lived in La Crescenta and then moved to Casper in Northern California where he died on August 24, 1964.
     During his career as a painter, animator and a special effects director at Walt Disney Productions he worked on many films, including Snow White, Bambi, Fantasia, Pinocchio, The Absent Minded Professor (1961), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and  Forbidden Planet.
     Meador focused his talent on fine-art painting in his spare time, and in 1946, began exhibiting his paintings.  Meador used a palette knife for many of his paintings often depicting the Mendocino Coast in Northern California.
    After Meador's death, there were memorial one-man shows at Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles and Conacher Galleries in San Francisco.