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AW265 - William Alexander Coulter - Ship in Distress -Oil on Canvas


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Artist: William Alexander Coulter

Age: 1850 - 1900

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Unframed Dimensions: 16" x 26"

Overall Dimensions:

TITLE:  Ship in Distress



COMMENTS:  William Alexander Coulter  (1849 – 1936). William Alexander Coulter was born in Glenariff, Ireland on March 7, 1849  His father was a captain in the coast guard.  He worked as a sail maker in San Francisco upon his arrival there.  His painting did not receive any public attention until 1874 but from then on gained more popularity for his accurate depictions of ships at sea.  Coulter was a self taught artist but did travel to Europe to study marine painting in his late twenties.  Laterhe worked as an illustrator for a San Francisco newspaper doing pen and ink drawings of waterfront scenes.  Coulter died on March 13, 1936 in Sausalito, California.