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AW3-221 - Thomas Kempf - Rider on Horseback - Watercolor on Paper


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Artist: Thomas Kempf

Age: 1950 - Present

Medium: Watercolor on Paper

Unframed Dimensions: 24" x 18"

Overall Dimensions:

 TITLE:  Rider on Horseback 


 COMMENTS:  THOMAS KEMPF was born in Jasper, Indiana, on December 30, 1895, and studied at Syracuse University. Kempf first intended on becoming a doctor but decided ultimately to devote his professional life to art. He  served in the first world war before marrying and settling in Chicago.  He worked as an illustrator in Chicago during the 20's and 30's as he developed and exhibited is fine art work around Chicago.   He relocated with his family to Beecher, Illinios and painted scenes of Mexican villages and spanish churches. Aside from Chicago, he has painted in Colorado and, abroad, in France. Kempf died in 1988. He was a member of the Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists, and was affiliated with the Chicago Society of Artists, the Hoosier Salon, the All-Illinois Society of Artists and the Illinois Academy. His work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and various Chicago galleries, also in New York, Denver and Indianapolis. He had a one-man shows at the Little Gallery, the Allerton Gallery, the Cinema Theatre, the Playhouse and the Walden Gallery in Chicago, and in Meineger's Gallery in Denver. His work has been written about in Chicago newspapers and magazines and the New Yorker and Art News of New York, by Meyer Levin, C. J. Bulliet, Forbes Watson. Marguerite B. Williams and Eleanor Jewett.  

This painting depicts a Latino man being carried away by a runaway horse.  Original watercolor, images on both sides. 


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What is Your Best Price?
What is Your Best Price?