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AW358 - Sacha Moldovan - Oil on Canvas


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Artist: Sacha Moldovan

Age: 1950 - Present

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Unframed Dimensions: 14" x 22"

Overall Dimensions:



COMMENTS: Sacha Moldovan (1901 - 1982) Sacha Moldovan was born into a Jewish family on November 4, 1901 in the city of Kishinev in the former southern Russian  Republic of Moldavia. He lived in Czarist Russia until the age of twelve.  His mother was the proprietor of a bar and an artist.  She encouraged young Sacha to paint and draw.  His family fled Russia to New York City in order to escape World War I in 1915.  He began studying at the Cooper Union School of Art in 1919 and at the National Academy of design in 1921.  Moldovan made trips to Paris, eventually moving there in 1925 and leaving ahead of World War II in 1933 to return to New York.  He work on public art during the WPA era and continued to exhibit his paintings.  Moldovan retired in 1975 and died in 1982 in New York.