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AW393 - Guy Pene du Bois - Burlesque Dancer - Oil on Board


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Artist: Guy Pene du Bois

Age: 1900 - 1950

Medium: Oil on Board

Unframed Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 9"

Overall Dimensions:

TITLE: Burlesque Dancer 


COMMENTS: Guy Pene du Bois (1884 - 1958). Pene du Boise was born in 1884 in Brooklyn, NY.  His family descended from French immigrants that settled in New Orleans in 1738.  Du Bois was raise in a Creole household and was cultured by his father who was an art critic.  He studied at the New York School of Art with William Merritt Chase.  Pene du Bois traveled to Paris in 1905 and painted cafe scenes in which he utilized techniques associated with the Ashcan School.  He became known for his satirical edge and developed his own style in his maturity, describing members of high society with soft rounded forms and depicting scenes of affluent social gatherings.  After living in Paris with his wife for six years Pene du Bois returned to the United States and began painting similar subject matter with a somewhat darker mood, moving away from the satire that was present in his earlier work.  Pene du Bios also worked the Works Progress Administration painting a mural of the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay at his home for a post office in Rye, New York.  Pène du Bois died in Boston, Massachusetts in 1958.