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AW5-001: Marcus Waterman - Mosque Interior - Pastel on Paper


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Artist: Marcus Waterman

Age: 1850 - 1900

Medium: Gouache / Pastel / Crayon on Paper

Unframed Dimensions: 10 x 13 ¾

Overall Dimensions:

 TITLE: Mosque Interior w/Peacocks


COMMENTS: Marcus Waterman (1834 - 1914) Born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1834 Marcus A. Waterman graduated from Brown University in 1857.  He then lived in New York City until and in 1874 he moved to Boston.  Eventually he began to travel extensively to in search of interesting subject matter for his paintings.  In 1900 Waterman moved to Italy  and in 1914 died in Moderno. Waterman was a member of the Boston Art Club and the American Watercolor Society.  His work is in the collection of the Rhode Island School of design among many others.